System GP-10


The system GP-10 has been created by our company founder, to get a Formwork System in Thickness 10 Cm with a maximum resistance under pressure of 70kN/qm, this to ensure to our customers a higher concreting speed on his building site. The special Formwork structure has been designed with a patented frame profile with 9 internal

reinforcement (3 meter high formwork), than installing Made in Finland Birch plywood panel 18mm Thickness with a phenolic treatment of 220g/qm.

GP-Round System

Our NEW round system for Circular Walls GP-ROUND, allow you to concrete circular beton walls with a minimal radius of 100 m.

With our GP-ROUND Circular wall you can realize: Circular Basins, Stairwells, Silos, and any other structure with a radius of curvature and any size.

The System GP-ROUND is composed by a side profile of 10 Cm together with a special Omega Steel frame, with a Sandwich panel in compound material (Plastic-Polypropylene) this to allow the maximum durability in the years with a very high quality execution standard.

System GP-ROUND, is perfectly matched with the system for vertical walls GP-10, thanks to the fact that the profile of the edge of the

panels and their accessories are the same used on the GP-10 vertical Wall.

System GP-One Side wall

The One Side Wall GP-System is used to concrete the beton on the ground. This system allow to use the Formwork System GP-10 together with the Horizontal Special Frame Ground Formwork, the connection has to be done with the special connecting "Type

Rod/Formwork”. Than for you safety you can choose between two ground fixations:

1 - The Ground Fixation has to be done using a special Plug for loose in DIW 15.

2- The Ground Fixation has to be done using a special DIW 15 bars inserted on the ground previously.

GP-10 Climbing System

With GPrandina climbing system you can concrete vertical walls, creating a base to sustain the vertical wall formworks GP-10.


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