Rusch Inspections

Testing of hoisting equipment

Rusch Inspections is specialized in testing and certifying of crane blocks, hooks and chains. Rusch has two test benches; one in a stationary set up in the factory with a capacity to 60 tons as well as one in movable set-up with a capacity to 25 tons. Rusch is a certified member of the association of Erkende Keurbedrijven Hefmiddelen (EKH) (Accredited Inspection Companies for Lifting Equipment), above as well as under the hook. Rusch also carries out NEN 3140 i and delivers diverse products in the field of lifting equipment including chains and slings.

Inspection and testing of cranes

The team of inspectors is also certified (RAI) for testing truck mounted cranes and for the inspection of boat lifts.

Offshore Activities

For offshore locations on the Dutch continental shelf crane blocks are tested, the way that is also done for utilization on land. Rusch Inspections test containers (also prototype test).

We, of course, arrange for transport.


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