PREVIEW - Radar and backup camera


This product actively warns an operator if they are close to either a person or a object.The warning is in the form of an alarm alert as well as flashing lights in the cab.
Designed for the tough conditions of a commercial vehicle whether it be rain, fog, dust, mud, poor light, cold or heat, the product just keeps working.
The pulse radar is designed and manufactured in the USA from a world leading supplier. Their simple claim is that it works consistently, regardless of the conditions.
We have a range of products , designed for different vehicles and situations.

Radar and backup camera
iDIG - Bucket guide
Système de guidage de godet

Wireless bucket guide system that indicates depth, slope, and digging distance. User-friendly display that is precise, within a centimeter. Installation that is easy and quick. Possibility of using the same iDig for multiple machines and buckets. Get a return on your investment in fewer than 3 months. For more information:


Mini excavator
INTERMERCATO - Wireless grapple scale

Say hello to Intelweigh – the leading technology in wireless scales. Intermercato’s range of scales help you do more in less time. Using a unique algorithm, Intelweigh calculates weight load with the load in motion. The hardware is completely customizable with a modular design made to fit any load, any machine and any job. Intelweigh also connects wirelessly to Android and Windows PC devices giving you control over your data.

Material handler
ST-940 - Excavator overload indicator

Overload excavator indicator



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