Rusch is a company with just as many divisions as facets.  A more detailed introduction is essential because Rusch performs exceptionally well in several areas. Rusch is active in the fields of hoisting and lifting techniques and heavy earth moving machines in which each facet requires its own specialty. Rusch has a thorough command of the process of concept engineering by means of calculations, diagrams, purchasing, production, modification and repairs to a high quality end product. This means that Rusch offers to governments as well as to the private industry a broad range of services and support that is not available elsewhere.

As well as repairs, development and new constructions for specific purposes, with a team of experienced testers and inspectors Rusch, with a team of experienced testers and inspectors, also provides the inspection and certification requirements by means of testing the lifting equipment with a stationary test bench and with movable test benches.

 Rusch Crane Repair


Rusch Crane Repair has built up a worldwide reputation thanks to the technique of repairing crane booms (the telescope as well as the framework) high quality types of steel even in the high-tension areas to a value equal to the original boom. Since manufacturers only supply new parts, sometimes this can bring about a big savings. After the reparation, the CE-testing of the crane is still valid and Rusch gives a guarantee on the reparation.


  Mast Inspection


Rusch is an expert in carrying out periodic mast inspections. Telescopic masts are completely dismantled by Rusch Crane Repair. Welding, bearings, cylinders, pulleys and cables undergo thorough inspection.


Rusch Offshore Services


Rusch Offshore Services is one of the few independent maintenance and service companies for offshore cranes. The inspection and modification of offshore cranes, such as those that are used on drilling platforms and production platforms on the continental shelf, is routine work. Rusch has a team of qualified technicians that are available with their specialist equipment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Rusch operates over the whole world and our highly specialized staff can be flown in to carry out tests, inspecting and repairing the most diverse technical failures and reparations.



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