RaycoWylie is a leading company in the field of load moment indicators, RaycoWylie are driven by innovation, with product and software development an unceasing priority. Whether designing or improving safety systems for a specific bespoke machine, fully integrated systems with leading manufacturers or focusing on refining the current technology ranges, our R&D engineers work constantly to help improve reliability, reduce cost, and incorporate developments in international standards.



Holistic safety systems for all categories of cranes, the current product range includes the W2245 and i4500 series of systems. At the heart of all the current systems are simple, intuitive controls and straight-forward, precise procedures to operate and calibrate systems. Integrating advances in technology, i4500 series also utilize USB connectivity to make the transfer of calibration files, load charts, software and more, easier than ever before.


The complete range of systems is designed for practical use, without the need for specialist hardware or software, with calibration and operation performed through the display itself.


  i4500 Series


   i4500 for Mobile Cranes


   i4500 for Crawler Cranes


  i4500 for Towers Cranes


   i4300 - Rated Capacity Indicator


   R180 - Wireless Wind Speed Indicator


   R147 - Wireless Anti-Two Block Indicator


   i4000 - Multipurpose Indicator Range Limiting Device


   i4000 - Wireless Multipurpose Indicator


   Load Links and Load Shackles


   Sensors & Spares



   Global Contacts


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