LC 1600

Since 2011, Linden Comansa offers to its customers the LC 1600 series, formed by models 16 LC 185, 16 LC 220 and 16 LC 260, which come in different versions of maximum load.

Its design keeps Linden Comansa’s fundamental premises: modularity and easiness of both assembly and transport.

Due to its load capacity, between 8 and 12 tons, the series places between the LC1100 (5 to 8 tons) and LC2100 (12 to 48 tons) families. In addition, the LC1600 family unites the advantages of both series, with which shares numerous elements.


General characteristics:

Share the jib sections and the counterweights with the LC1100

With the LC2100 series, shares the 2 meter wide tower sections, as well as the climbing cage and the 4.5 and 6 meter wide cross bases.
Jib lengths between 65 and 70 meters.

Hoist mechanisms with Effi-Plus System, which improves up to 70% the speed of hoist and descend movements.

Light erection weightsfor a faster and safer assembly.

Frequency control in the slewing movement wich makes the most of the energy, and allows a minor consumption.

Double trolley system similar to the one successfully used in the LC1100 and LC2100 series, adapted to maximum loads of 12 tons.

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LC 1600

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LC1600 Series from Linden ComansaLC1600 Series from Linden Comansa
LC1600 Series from Linden ComansaLC1600 Series from Linden Comansa

Data Sheets: 

kg/mt lbs/ft
16 LC 185 8t 16 LC 185 17,640 lbs.
16 LC 185 10t 16 LC 185 22,050 lbs.
16 LC 185 12t 16 LC 185 26,460 lbs.
16 LC 220 10t 16 LC 220 22,050 lbs.
16 LC 220 12t 16 LC 220 26,460 lbs.
16 LC 260 10t 16 LC 260 22,050 lbs.
16 LC 260 12t 16 LC 260 26,460 lbs.


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