W860 Weightlink - Remote indicating load link

w860rThe Rayco-Wylie W860 Weighlink Remote Indicating Load Links are robust products and provide optimum precision and reliability whatever your application.

The link itself has no display, battery pack or control buttons. The load information is presented on a remote display which is connected to the link by a cable which carries both the excitation volt and the load cell output signal. The rear socket is IP68.

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Standard Features
    • Microprocessor based digital electronics.
    • Self-diagnostic (diagnoses faults at 'switch on' and classifies fault with error code).
    • Powered by Nickel Metal Hydride battery. (Up to 26 hours continuous use between charges).
    • Mains battery charger with plug.
    • Robust, nylon reinforced combined supply/signal/charge plug and socket.
    • Robust carry case.
    • Remote display, 1 Dm cable
    • 18mm, 6 digit LeD display with back light.


Technical Specifications (examples)
    • Capacity: lOTe to 25Te
    • Hole Diameters: 40mm to 54mm
    • Thickness : 48mm to 70mm
    • Hole Centres : 230mm to 250mm
    • Overall Length: 330mm to 380mm
    • Shackle Capacity : 13.5t to 25t
    • Resolution : 2kg 10kg
    • Accuracy % FSD : 0.5
    • Ingress Protection : IP65
    • Temperature Range : -10°C to +40°C

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