LC 1100

The LC 1100 Series offers 6 Flat-Top models with maximum oad capaciies from 5 to 8 tonnes. This series includes Linden Comansa's latest tecnological features, such as the PowerLift system or the Effi-Plus high-speed hoist motors, thus assuring an optimal performance in residential, commercial or industrial projects.

Due to its modular system, the cranes from the LC1100 Series can be economically and easily transported and erected, also providing a great versatility of adaptation to any tipe of jobsite.

General characteristics:

The LC 1100 Series comprises cranes with Flat-Top design with a maximum jib range from 52.5 m to 65 m.
High speed hoist mechanisms, with great under-hook heights.
Possibility of jib ranges every 2.5 m. Higher range of possibilities.
Ttrolley system in single or single / double reeving with automatic changeover. Offers maximum load and speed performance at any jib length.
Slewing movement with Frequency control.

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LC 1100

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LC1100 Series by Linden ComansaLC1100 Series by Linden Comansa
LC1100 Series by Linden ComansaLC1100 Series by Linden Comansa

Data Sheets: 

kg/mt lbs/ft
11 LC 90 5t 11 LC 90 11,020 lbs.
11 LC 90 6t 11 LC 90 13,230 lbs.
11 LC 132 5t 11 LC 132 11,020 lbs.
11 LC 132 6t 11 LC 132 13,230 lbs.
11 LC 150 11 LC 150 17,640 lbs.
11 LC 160 11 LC 160 17,640 lbs.


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