Platinum Cut



  • For steel industries such as shipyards, plate processing facilities and structural steel fabricators.
  • The Platinum Cut is an ideal table for processing large sheets
  • Exceptional accuracy and cut quality
  • Many options available


Features: For the heavy steel industry, plate cutting facilities and structural steel fabricators, the Platinum Cut is a large format cutting machine. Can be increased in size as your needs grow. Many options available.
Construction: Bridge and Rail - Modular design allowing you to expand your cutting table in future
Dimensions: 10' X 20'
10' X 40'
10' X 60'
10' X 80'
15' X 20'
15' X 40'
15' X 60'
15' X 80'
20' X 20'
20' X 40'
20' X 60'
20' X 80'
Custom dimensions available
Cutting Speed: 0 to 500 IPM, related to process and plasma power source
Maximum Traverse Speed: 800 IPM
Repeatability: 0.003"
Positioning Accuracy: 0.001"
Material Support: Waterbed with raise/lower system - Zoned downdraft with removable trays with CAD Fabrication drawings supplied
Gantry: 12’’ x 12’’ steel, fully machined
Clearance under gantry: 12''
3/4’’ Helical Agma 10 rack and pinions
1.5" linear bearings, on machined surfaces
Cables and hoses are protected by the structure and enclosed power track
Welded and machined over sized end-trucks, for maximum stability
Heat shield under the gantry
Rails: Machined 30 lbs crane rails floor mounted with 1" Agma 10 gear rack
Optional 1.25" inverted rails with 2" linear bearings, on machined surfaces
Inverted highly accurate 1.25" helical Agma10 rack and pinions protected against dust and material impact
Motors: Dual side drive, Bosch Rexroth A/C Servo motors with digital Sercos III drive controller
Pneumatic pinion engagement with linear bearings
Ultra precision helical planetary gearboxes for the smoothest motion
CNC Controller: Edge Pro CNC controller, SercosIII
Windows based, 15” glass touch screen 
2 USB port and network connection
Up to 1GB memory
Phoenix software
Part Program Support (PPS), Remote Help, Auto gas support, DXF import, and shape nesting
2 year warranty
Maximum Table Capacity: 8" material thickness, customizable
Power Source: Hypertherm HPR 130XD to 800XD
Motorized Station: 2 max.
Oxy/Fuel Station: 8 max. Belt system
Automatic Height Controller: Machitech Automatic torch height control, uses arc voltage sampling to follow variations in material. 
Laser pointer integrated for plate alignment
Magnetic torch breakaway system used to pause machine in case of collision.
Suggested Nesting Software: Hypertherm Cam Solutions ProNest
Options Available: “Full suite” technology by Hypertherm
“True Hole” technology by Hypertherm
Dust collection system
Electronic raise/lower system (waterbed)
Full contour beveling
Ink jet or dot peen marker
Oxy/fuel automatic torch ignition
Oxy/fuel torch (anti-collision and quick change magnet system)
Pneumatic scribe
Removable trays for easy clean out (waterbed or downdraft)
Security system (pull cord, light curtain)


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