LC 3000

The LC3000 series is formed by two models, 30 LC 1100 and 30 LC 1450, and each one comes with three different versions depending on their maximum load capacity: 32, 48 and 64 tons (70,550; 105,820 and 141,090 lbs). Model 30 LC 1450 also comes in a special version of 90 tonnes (198,410 lbs.). These Flat-Top tower cranes have been designed mainly for heavy industry, mining and public works.

It is not the first time Linden Comansa manufactures large capacity cranes, but due to the design of this series, the manufacturing and delivery periods are now significantly shorter, and a highly competitive price has been achieved.

To develop Flat-Top tower crane of such capacity, Linden Comansa’s R&D team has been working in a lot of innovations, standing out among all of them the new structure design, which has turned into new patented jib and tower sections. Linden Comansa’s key concepts have been kept during this design: easiness of both transport and erection, as well as the modularity of its components and Flat-Top design.


General characteristics:

Jib lengths from 40 to 80 meters (from 131 to 262 ft.), with jib sections every 10 meters (33 ft.).

Despite the great dimensions of the jib sections, a new system allows to fold the upper part of the jib, so the sections fit into Open-Top or normal containers, which allows important savings in delivery through conventional type of transportation.

Their maximum freestanding height is 88.8 meters (291 ft.). With tie frames they can reach spectacular heights: 198.3 meters (650 ft.) with just two tie frames.

The cranes come with a hoist mechanism of 200 kW (268 hp.) with frequency control, drum with capacity for 1,450 meters of wire (4,757 ft.), and Linden Comansa’s double trolley system with automatic reeving change.

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LC 3000 Series



LC3000 Series by Linden ComansaLC3000 Series by Linden Comansa
LC3000 Series by Linden ComansaLC3000 Series by Linden Comansa

Data Sheets: 

kg/mt lbs/ft
30 LC 1100 32t 30 LC 1100 70,548 lbs.
30 LC 1100 48t 30 LC 1100 105,820 lbs.
30 LC 1100 64t 30 LC 1100 141,090 lbs.
30 LC 1450 32t 30 LC 1450 70,550 lbs.
30 LC 1450 48t 30 LC 1450 105,820 lbs.
30 LC 1450 64t 30 LC 1450 141,090 lbs.
30 LC 1450 90t 30 LC 1450 198,410 lbs.


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